J. Timothy Ames, MD PC


I started a new practice, and this blog, because I have come to believe that the relationships among primary care physicians and patients are harmed by the interference of insurance payers.  People certainly need health insurance for major illnesses to avoid financial ruin.  But for routine care, the need to bill insurance companies leads to poor service and strained encounters for care.  I think you deserve better.

“The physician should not treat the disease, but the patient who is suffering from it.”  -Maimonides

I have been a family physician in Porter County, Indiana since 1987.  I have been in many sorts of practice, including running a small practice before and working in a Federally Qualified Health Center.  I offer primary care services and health counseling to persons of all ages.

J. Timothy Ames, MD PC offers primary care services on a subscription basis: for a monthly fee, I will provide patients with the primary healthcare that they need.  I also offer medication at close-to-wholesale prices, and lab tests for small fees.  The usual monthly subscription is $50 a month for adults 50 and younger, $75 a month for adults over 50, and $20 a month for children under 18.  The subscription fee is paid directly by the patient or his parent, insurance is not involved.  Click here to sign up!


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