Insurance Companies, Fearing Repeal Of The PPACA, Ask For Continued Government Support

I realize that I’m recycling the headline from earlier today, but I’m making a point about who has really benefited from the PPACA.  Actually, the insurance companies have not made out as well as the hospitals, because a lot of young, healthy people decided to pay a fine instead of paying health insurance premiums.  Unfortunately for many insurance companies, they did not see this coming, and they were counting on the profitable policies of the young and healthy to subsidize the money-losing policies on old codgers like myself (I was on a marketplace plan for a few months, and it turned into one of the worst deals MHS ever made).  Too few young’uns, too many codgers, and many of the insurance companies lost money on their marketplace policies.  They were already planning to retreat from a lot of their PPACA markets before the election, and now I cannot imagine a set of circumstances that would keep them in this business.  Insurance companies hate uncertainty above all else, and with a Trump administration vowing to repeal the PPACA without a backup plan, the whole healthcare industry is up to its neck in uncertainty.

One thing is certain: if you hire someone to help you out with your own money, he is accountable to you.  Direct primary care is you hiring your own doctor with your own money, and I would be very pleased to help you.

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