A Quick Update From The Goofy World Of Medical Billing

I outlined my personal experience with medical insurance in my post, “But, I Did Get A Birthday Card.”  I had two expensive episodes of medical care in February, 2015 and as of August the hospital and the insurance company were still hassling over the bill.  My complaint to the insurance commissioner resulted in a detailed explanation from the insurance company about why they weren’t going to pay the bill, which satisfied the commissioner, but probably nobody else.

But now the ice is breaking up.  I got a bill yesterday for the first, smaller bill- the ER visit that ultimately led to surgery (no big deal, I’m fine).  The ER bill was for $1488.00.  The insurance company denied $1409.49 of that.  I was asked to pay $78.51.  The hospital apparently is going to write off 94.7% of the bill.

There is no way this makes sense.  I promise you, it cost the hospital more than $78.51 to send multiple bills to me and the insurance company.  They would have ended up money ahead if they had treated me for free and never sent a bill at all.   A system this stupid cannot be sustainable.

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