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Details, details

As bloggers go, I have not been too prolific.  My excuse is that I have been setting up my practice for the past three weeks.  Not physically yet, though I do have an address:

3176 Lancer St., Portage IN  46368

I plan to open the first Monday in February.  I am certain that there will be things that I have forgotten, but nothing that will cause anything but some inconvenience.

One of the last, but most important pieces I have to put into place is to get a patient contract.  I will acknowledge here the help of Josh Umbehr, MD and Matthew Priddy, MD, pioneers in the field of direct primary care.  They have given me a lot of useful advice, in particular putting me in touch with lawyers who have written DPC contracts.  The essence of these contracts are that patients will be told up front how much they will pay for their monthly subscription, what services they can expect for their basic subscription, and what services can be purchased with an extra fee.

Aside from my own services, Josh Umbehr has recommended that I offer wholesale medications and discounted laboratory studies.  I have looked at the prices for these that I can offer and they are much less than I expected in most cases.  For some patients, the reduced cost of medications and lab tests could pay for the subscription fee.

As for other services, I want to let patients tell me what they would find valuable.  Many DPC practices negotiate discounted rates for their patients for x-rays and other imaging studies.  Some practices have dietitians or physical therapists.  I am not opposed to making any legitimate service available, as long as enough people are willing to pay for it through their subscription fee.

I will get the details sorted out, with a little help from my friends.